Rewild Your Senses

Build simple habits that enhance your sensory experience of the 5 senses and restore your vitality by following the living wisdom of nature.

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Reverse The Negative Effects of Sedentary Living And Thrive

Learn how building new habits around the way you breathe, eat, sleep, exercise, relax, and connect with others can transform your health.


Activate Your Evolutionary Biology and Restore Your Ecological Heritage

Reconnect with the living spirit of the the earth, water, air, and sunlight that makes you thrive.

Reversing climate change and launching a collective effort to restore the biodiversity of our Planet starts with rewilding our senses and developing a connected relationship with ecology of our land.

The term "rewilding" comes from conversation biology where animals that have been raised in captivity go through a process of retraining to recover their natural instincts before they can be released back into the wild.

It is a process which relieves them of their learnt dependency and domestication by humans so they can return and survive in their natural habitat. This involves restoring the kind of physical condition they would have naturally maintained through a life of continual movement and stimulation of their senses. This process is known as "rewilding".

The process also works for anyone who wants to rewild their life and reverse the negative effects of sedentary living. Human rewilding involves a process of restoring natural instincts and the sensory acuity that results from living in mindful connection with the natural world.

The goal of the Rewilding Academy is help you build the daily habits to fully activate the potential of your evolutionary biology and awaken your senses so you can create and live in a sustainable community. 

Choosing from a series of online learning modules, you focus some time each day on building small behavioral changes that help you grow sustainable "keystone" habits based on meditation, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and social connection.

For each habit, your are guided through the process of designing a habit that will stick in your routine. Then you can make yourself accountable to other people to sustain the new behaviors you choose.

How The Rewilding Academy Works

Choose from a wide variety of learning modules and share your progress to design daily habits that make you feel happier and more connected with the creative intelligence of nature.

Video Modules

Watch step-by-step videos that guide though the process of designing daily habit routines that stick.

Facebook Group

Get access to our private Facebook Group to share your insights and challenges during the process.

Online Support

Get your questions answered along the journey quickly through email or Facebook Messenger.

Habit Frameworks

Complete quick habit formation plans to design each habit and place in the right part of your daily routine.

Learn Anywhere

Learn how to use your smartphone as a learning tool to build habits and make yourself accountable.

Monthly Webcasts

Get our monthly webcasts with the world's leading teachers in ecology, permaculture and natural health.

About The Instructor

My name is Kyle Pearce and for the last 7 years I've been running an online learning community called DIY Genius making online programs that teach people how to design their own lifelong learning curriculum based around their passions and talents

Ever since I was a child, I've gone to the forest to wandr for hours to explore my curiosity and recharge. This grew into a lifelong dedication to learning about forest ecology and the sustainability of natural ecosystems. This led me to live in 10 countries in the last decade and learn from the ecological teachers that inspire me.

In the spring of 2015, I started doing ecological learning "quests" I call Spirit Quest Adventures in the urban wilderness of Stanley Park in my home of Vancouver, British Columbia.

On these learning adventure, I teach ecological awareness of important plants, trees, and fungi in the local ecosystem while training people to immerse themselves in the living magic of their sensory awareness.

I started Animist in January 2018 to launch a reforestation subscription platform that uses crowdfunding to rewild the world's forests by helping people neutralize their carbon footprint.

I created the Rewilding Academy to build an online community based around helping people like you reduce your ecological footprint and live in greater connection with your local ecosystem.

Keystone Habit #1 = Meditation

Choose from different daily meditation techniques to see what method works best for you and then build a daily practice that increases your awareness of your breath, body and thoughts.

1. The Daily Practice

Follow a 3-step habit formation process based on behavioral psychology to form a meditation practice that will stick.

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learn to rewild your breathing by reversing the shallow, chest breathing that commonly results from stress and sitting most of the day.

3. Sensory Immersion Meditation

Learn Sensory Immersion Meditation techniques that you can apply while walking in any park or natural outdoor setting to feel more connected with nature.

Keystone Habit #2 = Excerise

Choose from small exercise habits to add to your daily routine to build more natural movement into your lifestyle and realize the incredible benefits of fitness without going to gym.

1. The World Is Your Gym

Learn how to get into top physical condition and make exercise something you enjoy without ever having to set foot in a gym.

2. Ecological Awareness

Combine exercise with heightened insight into your natural surroundings by going on ecological awareness adventures where you learn to identify local plants, trees, fungi, and inspirational natural landmarks.

3. High Intensity Interval Training

Use high intensity interval training to get in great shape in less than 20-minutes a day.

Keystone Habit #3 = Deep Sleep

Build a daily routine that aligns with your natural circadian rhythm so you can achieve immersion in your daily activities (without stimulants) and still sleep deeply at night.

1. A Morning Routine

Develop a morning routine that primes your day for high energy and an evening routine that ensures you get high-quality sleep.

2. Understand Your Biological Clock

Understand the importance of your circadian rhythm to your well-being. Learn how to track your sleep cycles and gain insight into your daily activities and habits that are decreasing the quality of your sleep.

3. 10 Rules of Sleep

Follow 10 simple rules for ensuring you fall asleep easily and get enough cycles of deep, delta wave sleep each night.

Keystone Habit #4 = Nutrition

Transform your relationship with food by building small behaviors that slowly detox your body from sugar and processed foods while eating more nutritionally dense whole foods that give you consistent energy all day.

1. Natural Highs

Learn how to replace alcohol, drugs, sugar and other stimulants with natural highs that give you more sustained energy.

2. Whole Food Diet

Stack your diet with the world's most nutritious whole foods and avoid experiencing an afternoon energy crash.

3. Nutrition Hacks

Learn to apply nutrition hacks like batching your meals, having the right snacks at your desk, and taking the right supplements to ensure you benefit from vital amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The Animist Collective

We just launched our Animist Collective community online. Get access to our Facebook Group to share your progress and find an accountability partner.

We are building a global community of people who want to reduce their ecological footprint and live in harmony with nature.

Share your local projects, ideas and stories with our community and interact with other ecological leaders who are rising up to solve our global ecological crisis by making changes in their own lives and communities.

As a member of the Animist Collective, you will get new meditations, sensory immersion exercises, and ecological awareness trainings each month.

In the near future, we are also going to be creating community hubs in major cities and towns to connect everyone in our community interested in ecology, sustainability, group adventures, and being apart of collective action to reconnect modern cultures with nature.

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1. If I sign up for the 7-day free trial and want to cancel, how do I do that?

You can cancel your membership at any time from the upper right menu and remove your credit card from the file.

2. How does the Rewilding Academy help me build better habits?

Each habit has an action plan blueprint for you to follow that is based on the latest research in behavioural design. If you have any questions or need help, the instructor is available to help you.

3. How does scheduling the Mastermind call work?

After signing up for that option, you will have access to the instructor Kyle's calendar to book a time that works for your schedule.

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